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Team RockSport

Join the recreation team or the competitive team.

Team Practice Begins August 19th

  • $90/month
  • Competitive Team:
    Monday, Wednesday & Friday
    5:00pm - 7:30pm
  • Recreation Team:
    Tuesday & Thursday (Friday optional)
    5:00pm - 7:00pm
Team RockSport 2019

Come Join the Team!

Team RockSport was created in 1996 as a place where kids can learn to climb and enjoy the chance to be an individual in a unique sport.

With the guidance of our experienced coaches, climbers new and experienced will be able to join kids their age and learn and/or improve their abilities and knowledge of the sport. Whereas other team sports can isolate participants from the rest of the group because of differences in ability, climbing allows participants to progress at their own pace while still being an integral member of the group.

Kids will learn the important skills needed to be a rock climber and how to work with a team while excelling as an individual. Boys and girls of all ability levels are encouraged to check out this great sport. Ages 5-18 are welcome to join!

Join at anytime and the first day is a free trial.


P.E. Credit

Team RockSport high school members can also get a P.E. credit from their high school with permission from their counselor.

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