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New Climber

Looking to introduce yourself to the sport of rock climbing?

What type of climbing is available at RockSport?

  • Bouldering- Short, low climbs without the use of the safety rope that is typical of most other styles.
  • Top Rope- Taller climbs with the protection of a rope that's already placed through an anchor at the top of a route.
  • Lead Climbing- A form of climbing in which the climber places anchors and attaches the belay rope as they climb (traditional) or clips the belay rope into preplaced equipment attached to bolts.

What type of clothing is recommended to climb?

It is best to wear loose fitting clothing. Sweatpants or yoga pants and a tank top with a sweatshirt.

Do I need a waiver form to climb?

All climbers must fill out an signed E-Waiver before climbing at RockSport.

Paper waivers available upon request.

Does the colored tape determine route difficulty?

No. The colored tape is used to mark a particular route. To determine the difficulty of the route, check the boards at RockSport.

Can I use loose chalk at RockSport?

Yes, you can use a loose chalk at RockSport. Although if your chalk spills, please ask our staff for the vaccum cleaner so that you can clean up the mess.

You can also purchase a chalk block at the front desk.

Do you have to be in shape to be able to rock climb?

Rock climbing is a great activity to start your exercise regimen. You can start at any level or ability. It is a lower body sport like running.

Can I climb solo?

Yes! We have 5 TRUBLUE Auto Belays that you can use to climb or train on!

What are the benefits of rock climbing?

Rock climbing has both immediate and long term benefits. An immediate benefit is a sense of accomplishment and physical conditioning. As a long term benefit, it builds confidence, trust in your partner/group, and increased mental discipline as it demands total body awareness.

How old do you have to be to be able to belay?

You must be 14 years old to belay; unless the child is a member of Team RockSport.

Do you have a slackline?

Yes, we do!

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